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Expect high standards for your wedding day video. It's your day and you deserve it! Rest assured we feel the same way, and that's why we bring high quality HD video and audio equipment to your wedding.


On Q Pictures is a group of highly creative story tellers with a passion for wedding videography. On your wedding day, you need to have a creative and technically skilled team who cares about how you will view your special day years after the event. Our professional videographers enjoy the creative look and feel of your wedding and will capture it with a desire to surpass your dreams.


We strive to capture your dream wedding with cinematic flair. A story is being told, your story, and your dream. It's our pleasure to make that dream a reality that will give you and your family chills, each time you view your wedding video. We truly believe that we will capture your dream wedding for a life time.

"I want to bring the film making experience to wedding memories that will last a lifetime."

~Chuck Joseph


Chuck Joseph has contributed exciting visual art as early as the third grade where he surpassed expectations of secondary education professionals. After winning several awards as a visual artist, he went on to accept a BFA from Texas State University in the field of Communication Arts, where he impressed professors by his technological and artistic abilities.


Chuck has worked with international clients producing fine art, advertising design, publishing illustration, and video production. He has worked on sets of several feature films, produced and directed short films, music videos, and award winning advertising. It's no surprise that his visual experience and training has lead him to this, creating the finest videos in the wedding business.




"The best event to film is a wedding. The entire day is full of magical moments."

~Will Joseph


Will Joseph graduated from Texas State University with a marketing degree before diving into the film production industry in 2010. His training was with Sizemore Media, an advertising and public relations firm in Victoria, Texas. He served as an Account Executive and Production Assistant for more than a year before moving to Austin, TX to work with the Austin Chamber of Commerce as Marketing Coordinator.


Will has maintained the responsibilities of event photographer and videographer, graphic design artist, and video editor. He enjoys all aspects of the production process and also contributes voice work and script writing. He has been filming weddings for more than 3 years and enjoys every day of it.


Chuck Joseph 512 626-8299


Will Joseph 361 550-5333

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